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Wikify is a web-service allowing everybody to enrich their arbitrary text with links to In other words, it make hypertext from your plain text.

Try it

Just try it with the example text filled-in below or paste your own piece of text and try it.

Note: the service is not instaneous and may take some time to finish.



Skipped words

We skip common English words: (source:


You can use this site as a service. You only need to request a specific URL to retrived the data. For example requesting a URL like this: would give you the Wikipedia link as plaintext: By adding parameter the result would look like this: {"science":"http:\/\/\/wiki\/Science"} By adding parameter the result would look like this: <wikify>

Please don't make more than 1 request per second. Otherwise this may be considered as DOS attack and the service will be limited for your domain.

Thank you

I hope you liked this service and you can express your gratitude in form of the donation:

Alternatively, look around the page and see if you find any interesting links.


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